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Openings for Travel Seminar Instructor:

We are looking to expand across the United States and internationally. Therefore, we need advanced DBS instructors who have effective teaching capabilities, a public speaking background, and enjoy traveling. This role requires vast knowledge and experience with the DBS System and its software. This position is in its infancy.   -         Compensation:  $750-$1,500 per weekend […]

Openings for DBS seminar assistants:

Openings for DBS seminar assistants: Be an inspiration to many and help teach as you go! We have a lot of opportunity for growth in our company, help us grow and be a part of it! Be an amazing DBS Teachers assistant and get CEU Credits while you work! Compensation is $300+ CEU Credit per […]

Openings for Seminar Group Organizers:

Candidate must excel at planning, be organized, possess excellent communication/interpersonal skills, and computer skills. You will be responsible for organizing the group for each seminar, tracking names, ensure all participants have paid prior to arriving at the seminar and signed the proper paperwork. This position will manage all payments, online customer concerns, assisting customers at […]

Openings for Partner DBS with Chiropractic offices:

Build your own practice in a doctor’s office! NOTE- each office may have a special protocol due to insurance and job description.   Provide quick, isolated, targeted stretching; and or offer a complete program of 30min to one-hour sessions, customizing a personalized full-body stretching program for each client.  Apply full-body flexibility stretching assessments, promote DBS […]

Openings for Partner DBS with Health Clubs:

  Become part of our growing team! Be a DBS Specialist in a health club environment. Must be a certified personal trainer and DBS Certified. You will need to be educated on how to perform flexibility assessments; qualified to use DBS online software; be trained to understand reports on the DBS website and explain results […]

Openings for DBS Seminar Instructor:

We are looking forward to expanding and need your help! This position is for a qualified DBS Specialist who has both a passion for health and wellness, as well as a passion for teaching people an amazing skill that can create many jobs.  This is a fulfilling career that assists individuals in becoming their own […]

Openings for Self-stretch Class Instructor

The Self-stretch instructor must be educated in regards to the body and muscles. You will be trained in how to teach a full body stretch routine within corporate, health club and school environments. Vehicle required.   -         Compensation: $20-$50 a class depending on location and duration of classes.  APPLY NOW!
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