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3 day DBS seminars are available for $499. You will need to attend a DBS Basics Seminar and a DBS Advanced Seminar to achieve certification. Therefore, the total tuition cost is $998. Alternatively, you can save $250 on your overall certification costs by signing up for both seminars at the same time. Just make sure to leave enough time between the two seminars to complete your 50 practice hours if you opt for the package special and pay $748 in total rather than $998 for your tuition. Other costs associated with DBS certification and association membership include a mandatory low monthly fee of $14.99 to use the proprietary DBS software for tracking client progress as well as any additional voluntary costs you incur by purchasing DBS accessories and videos in our Shop. (NOTE FOR RYAN: SHOP links to the Shop page.) (NOTE FOR LORETTA: You need to fill in the blank in this paragraph with the monthly fee you are going to charge members to use the software.)

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