Do you want...?

- To be pain-free?
- A better golf swing?
- That youthful feeling again?
- To be stronger and more efficient at any sport?
- To become flexible faster than you ever thought possible?

Get Stretched with DBS!
We are a mobile assisted stretching service on a mission to help everyone feel youthful again! Become a happier, healthier you without doing anything... We do it for you!


Dynamic Body Stretching (DBS) has a highly trained staff that can come to you in the comfort of your own home. Relax and enjoy being stretched from your neck to your toes. It's like assisted yoga! Feel amazing in your body again!


Questions? Please email INFO@DYNAMICBODYSTRETCHING.COM or call 310-437-8610!

Getting Started:

We come to you or you come to us! When you have selected your DBS Specialist (stretch coach) in your area- Book
on our booking app, Email or give us a call at 310-437-8610.
-Your stretch is guaranteed!


Stretch/Movement Training

(A full flexibility assessment is needed)
Our Stretch/Movement program is designed for people who do not regularly exercise or would like to transition to better health by improving range of motion, increasing flexibility, stimulating joints and muscles.

This program is recommended for seniors and children.

Stretch Therapy

(A full assessment and a Dr. approval is needed)
Our Stretch Therapy program is designed for clients with previous injuries, problematic joints, and lower back issues. This program focuses on specific areas that cause pain or extremely stiff due to past injury or surgeries.

Sport Stretch

(A full flexibility assessment is needed)
Our sports Stretch/Resistance program is designed for serious athletes. This program is tailored to focus on the muscle groups that are used repetitively in an individual sport. The DBS flexibility assessment allows the DBS Specialist to see what areas are of concern; this enables the program to tailor each program to an individual. Taking consideration what muscles are imbalances ahead of time will allow the program to see what injury patterns have occurred. This is a vital part and the key to creating the perfect corrective program for an individual athlete.

Therapeutic Stretch

This Therapeutic Stretch program is designed for clients seeking a strong mind-body connection, via a relaxing wellness experience. Your body will be stretched while you lie back and relax, a highly trained stretch coach will focus on your entire body for optimal physical results while you calm your mind, relax and enjoy the sensation.


MuscleGraph (960 x 500)

This "Flexibility Assessment" is a vital component of the DBS System, since this software develops your fully customized stretch and resistance program geared for you and your flexibility goals. This program will allow us to know exactly what muscles are tight and weak so we can be accurate on what stretches and resistance stretches we are applying to you. The DBS program will help keep track of the progress from each of your assessments to ensure you are always on the correct program for you and your goals.

Screenshot 2015-09-01 18.33.16In developing this individualized program for you, your flexibility program will allow you to become more flexible faster that you ever thought possible. It is recommended that your DBS Specialist take a new assessment once every few months to help keep track of your flex scores and to receive new updates to your DBS Program. Your individual program will help prevent injury and improve longevity in your body.

Software Features

"View Body Report” This feature allows the client to see a visual rendering of how their body looks from the inside out. Muscle imbalances, patterns of repetitive motion or lack of motion and weak areas are all highlighted for clear comprehension. This report gives the client and the program the knowledge to help correct them.

"DBS Analyses Report“ This report allows the client and DBS Specialist to view in detail what muscle imbalances have been created, what areas of the body need to be stimulated promptly to decrease the likelihood of injury and to prevent further physical deterioration.

“Member Profile and Tracking" This page will access the "Individual 3D Graph" feature. This graph will record all assessment scores so progress is seen over time.

"Recommendations" ,This page tells the DBS Specialist what corrective program will be applied to the client.

"How much improvement can I expect?"

If there is consistency in the application of the corrective program, (the program can be recommended 1-4 times a week) the changes could be as soon as the first session but no more than the first few weeks of using the DBS program. After the first month, gradual and consistent improvement can be expected over time.

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