DBS Software

DBS is a different assisted application technique because of our added software feature. By collecting data from range of motion assessment, this software develops detailed reports on the current physical health of each client. Most people have a combination of imbalances and ailments. Understanding the core cause of the ailment is key to preventing more imbalances and future pain or surgeries. With the DBS Software, we have a clear guided plan to achieve their physical goals, Our software was built to suggest underlying causes of aches, pains or injuries. These printout reports accurately gauge the progress of clients and also generate an individual program that is applied by a trained DBS Specialist, tailored for the client to aid in the longevity of one’s body.


This “Range of Motion Assessment” is a vital component of the DBS System, since this software develops your fully customized stretch and resistance program geared for you and your flexibility goals. This program will allow us to know exactly what muscles are tight and weak so we can be accurate on what stretches and resistance stretches we are applying to you. The DBS program will help keep track of the progress from each of your assessments to ensure you are always on the correct program for you and your goals.

In developing this individualized program for you, your flexibility program will allow you to become more flexible faster than you ever thought possible. It is recommended that your DBS Specialist take a new assessment once every 4-6 weeks to help keep track of your flex scores and to receive new updates to your DBS Program. Your individual program will help prevent injury and improve longevity in your body.


If there is consistency in the application of the corrective program, (the program can be recommended 1-4 times a week) the changes could be as soon as the first session but no more than the first few weeks of using the DBS program. After the first month, gradual and consistent improvement can be expected over time.