How It Works

What are the costs?

3 day DBS seminars are available for $499. You will need to attend a DBS Basics Seminar and a DBS Advanced Seminar to achieve certification. Therefore, the total tuition cost is $998. Alternatively, you can save $250 on your overall certification costs by signing up for both seminars at the same time. Just make sure to leave enough time between the two seminars to complete your 50 practice hours if you opt for the package special and pay $748 in total rather than $998 for your tuition. Other costs associated with DBS certification and association membership include a mandatory low monthly fee of $14.99 to use the proprietary DBS software for tracking client progress as well as any additional voluntary costs you incur by purchasing DBS accessories and videos in our Shop. (NOTE FOR RYAN: SHOP links to the Shop page.) (NOTE FOR LORETTA: You need to fill in the blank in this paragraph with the monthly fee you are going to charge members to use the software.)

How long does it take to receive DBS Certification?

DBS certification requires a minimum of 48 hours of supervised training and 50 hours of hands on practice. You will need to complete the 3 day DBS Basics Seminar, complete your 50 practice hours, and then complete your certification process by attending the 3 day DBS Advanced Seminar. Most people take an average of 6 weeks to achieve their DBS certification.

How To Get Started

Do I need to bring anything with me to the DBS Seminar?

Please bring a massage table and laptop computer with you to the DBS Seminar. If you do not have access to one or both of these items, please email info@dynamicbodystretching.com so that we can make arrangements for you.

Will I receive any instructional materials?

Yes. You will receive a manual at the DBS Basics Seminar which will include step by step guidance complete with pictures and explanatory text. Additionally, all students will receive a strap and a belt to use during DBS sessions.

What are the prerequisites?

DBS is designed as an advanced stretch certification for health professionals. Please have a related degree or six months’ minimum work experience as a personal trainer, chiropractor, masseuse, physical therapist, yoga teacher, or Pilates instructor.


What is the cancellation policy?

DBS seminars fill up quickly. If you cancel your reservation for a DBS seminar 14 business days before it is scheduled, we will return 50% of your tuition fee. Cancellations made within the 14 business days directly preceding the DBS seminar will result in forfeiture of tuition. We appreciate your understanding.