After completing the Level 2 certification as a DBS Specialist, Being an Assessor is only the beginning! With this software we can partner you with local spa’s, wellness centers, corporate wellness programs, pain management clinics, Chiropractors, Doctors, Physical Therapists, health clubs, sports teams and more!

We want to connect you within your community. With your knowledge and the DBS System you will have the data and know how to help many recover faster and more effectively.  Being able to collect accurate physical data on an individual is extremely sought after and very important in aiding a collaborative society within the wellness community, which is the wave of the future.


Helping people get healthy is what the Dynamic Body Stretching (DBS) program is all about. Nobody epitomizes this mantra more than DBS founder and accomplished fitness veteran, Loretta McGrath. Loretta first took the fitness industry by storm in 1995, when her personal training business boomed alongside her career as a top fitness model. As a national level NPC figure competitor, Loretta was constantly improving her own fitness regimen to ensure her body’s safety and longevity at all costs. Through her competitive modeling experiences and years of careful attention to and analysis of her personal training clients’ needs, Loretta developed the innovative DBS program that exists today.


That’s what established massage therapist, Jill Panaro, had to say about DBS, after taking the certification seminar in the City of Angels. And you will, too! DBS helps people pursue their true love with 100% dedication: helping people get healthy. Nationwide, Massage Therapists, like Jill, are improving their businesses and their clients’ quality of life by signing up and becoming DBS certified.


Many certification programs and training seminars are inspiring for a few days, but then attendees wander off and, ultimately, wind up feeling frustrated and lost. DBS has created more than just another brand—it created a stretching and strengthening family. Networking and teaching to get results at the seminars turns into relationships that last, keeping attendees on track with their business and up to date in their industries. Additionally, DBS has a comprehensive software program which goes hand-in-hand with the DBS certification process.

All LEVEL TWO DBS Specialist Assessors use this software to develop fully customized programs that track progress with their clients. With DBS, no therapist is left behind—we quite literally have your back!

Isn’t it time you loved your job? DBS thinks so! How many people can wake up in the morning and say “today I’m going to take someone’s pain away”? Becoming a DBS specialist is the gift that keeps on giving. At your DBS certification seminar, we will hand you the key to improving your own standard of living by helping others achieve better health.


Isn’t it time you loved your job? Loretta thinks so! How many people can wake up in the morning and say “today I’m going to take someone’s pain away”? Becoming a DBS specialist is the gift that keeps on giving. At your DBS certification seminar, Loretta will hand you the key to improving your own standard of living by helping others achieve better health.

I took all Levels Intro DBS, Level 1 and 2 with the DBS Software program last year and I 100% recommend this program. It has helped me as a personal trainer gain more knowledge that I could NEVER get from a sit and reach or visual assessment.  I can’t see how any trainer can live without this kind of knowledge of all their clients. How do you know what is going on with your client before you take them out on the floor? You don’t! and that is why a lot of people get injured at the gym. This program gives you a blue print of the current physical health of your client so there is no guessing involved. Having this software has made me the top trainer at my gym and even the other trainers bring me their clients so I can assessments them before they train them. I suggest this seminar to all trainers it is a no brainer if you want to be at the top of your game.


Melissa L.

Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Corrective Therapist

I have taught yoga for 12 years now.  Throughout  the years I have seen people come and go in my classes, some because it was too hard for them to get down or up off the floor or they get to frustrated because they could not get into positions because they were too tight. Now that I am a certified DBS Stretch Therapist I am so happy that I can now help the ones that would originally fall through the cracks. I found out about DBS Stretch Therapy through another yoga enthusiast, she said it had helped her gain 40% more private clients by offering DBS privately. People love yoga but it’s even better if someone applies it to you while you lie back and relax. Everyone loves to get stretched! Knowing DBS allows me to be hands on with my clients in private and create the flexibility within their body manually. It’s a win win for everyone!



Robin S.

Yoga Instructor

I have never seen a more effective system for personal trainers or therapist. I really don’t have to do much to have all the info I could ever need on my clients.  The reports tell me everything I  need to know- I gather all the info that says my client is weak in these areas and make a workout based on those findings. All the tight areas I stretch! AND what is amazing is it also has another facet that offers home therapy programs that are tailored for each of my clients to do at home for their therapy to prevent injury or body pain, it is a downloadable video series they can follow. I wish I had this system years ago. I am always booked without any additional effort of hustling clients now. I have clients coming up to me asking me for training. It’s the best investment I have made in my business for sure.


Scott S.

Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Corrective Therapist

I work at a holistic therapy clinic. We use the DBS system Software for all of the therapist to go off of. It has allowed all of us to have a collaborative approach to each client. I work with Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists as well as a Chiropractor in our clinic. This is the best approach I have seen to wellness. Everyone has a different way of looking at the client or patient reports because we all come from a different background and we have had great results by learning off one another. Without this software this type of knowledge would not be known or used as a collaboration of minds with the client’s health in mind.  AMAZING truly Amazing!


Lori M.

Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist

How can I tell that DBS really works? Because I am currently using it now! I have seen it increase my pocket book as well as my mind. I wish I knew about it 13 years ago since I have been a professional sports massage therapist. I have worked with professional athletes, Olympic athletes and weekend warriors and I can see how the DBS System can conform to each and every individual person. Whether they have an injury or if they are just trying to get back to playing tennis, trying to lose weight or whatever it is... The DBS System works great!

Jill Panero

DBS Specialist