DBS Testimonials


Mario De Obaldia

I have been a student my whole. One of the things I have always enjoyed studying is the human body and how it works. I have a Masters in education. I met Loretta through a mutual client and got to know her pretty well. I really like her a lot and she turned me on to her fantastic DBS System. DBS is a little more real, a little more tuned into clients’ individual needs. It's much more of a collaborative process. I have worked with other stretching formats that are one directional kind of work but with the DBS System you work with the client and you make your adaptations based on the needs of the client themselves!


Jill Panero

How can I tell that DBS really works? Because I am currently using it now! I have seen it increase my pocket book as well as my mind. I wish I knew about it 13 years ago since I have been a professional sports massage therapist. I have worked with professional athletes, Olympic athletes and weekend warriors and I can see how the DBS System can conform to each and every individual person. Whether they have an injury or if they are just trying to get back to playing tennis, trying to lose weight or whatever it is... The DBS System works great!

Bonny Marder

As a fitness professional, I have tripled my income on just offering another service to my clients. They love to get stretched and love it even more that they can see their own progress online and have step by step videos that show them what they need to be doing at home when I am not stretching them! It has really been one of the best seminars I have ever taken!

Ryan Downing

Loretta has opened my eyes to the immense advantages to my overall health and fitness with her DBS System! Not only have I seen the changes in myself but being able to track my progress with all the detailed bar graphs and personalized reports in my Member Profile Account, I am able to see exactly how much I have improved my Flexibility Score over the past 3 months.I would definitely recommend anyone no matter how young or old you are to sign up for Loretta's Dynamic Body Stretching System. Take the free exam and you will see what I mean for yourself after your very first Assessment!

Jordan Baker

I meet Loretta through some friends of mine who suggested me for some body work, I had some issues with my shoulder. DBS is really convenient for me because I can access it online. After doing the Assessment I can see where I was and where I am now and what I still need to do. At any time, no matter where I am at I can get that done. Loretta's technique is different because she really focuses in on what my needs are and she gives me really great advice on things that I can do at home to work with my shoulder even when I am not seeing her. I can tell that DBS really works because of what I have seen in my shoulder. I've gotten full mobility back, i can sleep during the night. No pain and just overall comfort in my shoulder that I did not have before!

Maureen Lang

I learned about Loretta’s Program through a co-worker of mine, she recommended that I get an Online Assessment done because she had done it before and she thought it would work for me. I would definitely recommend DBS to my friends and family, especially my flight attendant friends and all the other people who are in repetitive motion work places that need relief from their pain. I would absolutely recommend it to all my friends. It would be ideal if all Airlines could incorporate DBS in their training programs. I would definitely recommend DBS as a corporate program for any company because in my experience when I am in pain I can't do my job properly. When I am out of pain I can do anything. i can work longer and happier, I am better with my customers. It's just a better environment for people to work in when you are feeling good!