Intro to DBS Course: General Stretch Therapy  We teach Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors and Physical Therapists a series of range-of-motion (ROM) stretching techniques that are applied to specific muscle groups. These stretching applications can be done in conjunction with your current practice modality or can be conducted as stand-alone sessions.

We teach therapists how to sell full-body stretch (30min to 1-hour) sessions as part of our course. We teach correct form for your client as well as correct form while you apply the stretch. You will learn how to modify each stretch for your client and what to do and what not to do in each stretch.

Dynamic Body Stretching (DBS) is a style of assisted, isolated stretching. By utilizing our ROM grading system software, a DBS Specialist Assessor has the ability to receive detailed information on the current physical health of each client to apply proper stretching and corrective program tailored to each individual. The DBS Software System is taught using ankle straps on a massage table to isolate the body for the a more accurate full body assessment. The results are then entered into our proprietary software program to determine muscle weaknesses, imbalances, and compensations that may be the cause of pain or injury. The reports also generate information on which areas may be subject to injury due to these imbalances, as well as what sport that might be hindered because of the restrictions within a movement.  A list of tight and weak muscles is listed along with opposing muscles and patterns that can be studied for pain and injury patterns for the root cause. With precise consideration of the client’s goals, a corrective plan is generated and applied to the client to produce muscle balance for injury and/or a pain-free body.

The software courses are taught to Personal Trainers, Massage Therapist and Physical Therapists.