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Level 1 seminar

  • Learn 15 NEW and advanced stretches as a BONUS!

DBS ROM Software

For the ROM software test you must practice at least 15 hours before taking the on-line test.

Upload a minimum of 15 names of your test clients, emails, and phone numbers on the list provided as we call and email to verify.

You may stretch the same person 2 times but we prefer 15 new people if possible. (we do not sell emails, this is just for our reference)

Watch each video, study, apply each range of motion assessment, practice and do as many assessments as possible to really understand flexibility resistance. When you have practiced for at least 15 hours, video yourself applying the ROM test to each muscle group listed on the upload page.

When you submit please give us a day or two to go over your videos.

You must upload a maximum 2 min video of you applying each ROM test to your test client.

You will receive an approval or decline for the test assessment for each muscle group, as well as comments.

If declined you must restudy and redo the video, upload it again for approval.

Once you pass the assessment test and the quiz with 100% you will receive an email for your on-line DBS Assessor Certification.

Once you are approved and certified you will be given an account on our software program and instructions on how to use the software.

You will receive 3 months free if you chose to continue it will be $13.13 a month.

Click on link below for a video on the DBS ROM Software program.

You will have 3 months free, $13.13 month after

Accredited by NCBTMB, NASM, AFAA (20 CREDITS).  

15 CEU’s – Hands on 

4 CEU’s – Study


  • Lecture 1: Stretch Study videos
  • Lecture 2: Stretch Client Log
  • Lecture 3: Upload Completed Client Practice Log
  • Lecture 4: Intro to DBS Quiz
  • Lecture 5: Upload Test Videos
DBS Stretch Therapy Certification Download