Body Alignment for Life – Paperback


Body Alignment for Life Book Authored by Loretta McGrath will guide you to correct muscle imbalances that cause pain. A lot of physical issues are often caused by repetitive motion, hard fascia, lack of flexibility, and/or injury. You’ll understand the relationship between emotions, injuries, and pain, and have the tools you need to rehabilitate and rebuild your body at home. This program provides a healthy alternative to costly surgeries and multiple prescriptions.

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Loretta McGrathis an entrepreneur with more than twenty years of experience in the arenas of healthcare and wellness. She has designed and created multiple health IT software systems focusing on range of motion, assisted stretching, and body mechanics. She also designed and created an assisted myofascial neuromuscular range of motion technique called Dynamic Body Stretching (DBS). She serves as an adjunct faculty member at Cortiva Institute in Tampa, Florida. In addition, Loretta is the author of Body Alignment for Life, a book that helps find and correct the root cause of body pain by a self-applied range of motion and body mechanic assessments and techniques.


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