Now is the Time for an Online Assisted Stretch Therapy Certification!

If so, read on to learn more about what an online Dynamic Body Stretching certification can do for you, and why NOW is the time to get one!

Assisted-stretch therapy is part of the coming wave of innovations that will change the face of massage therapy. In the post-Covid economy, it will benefit massage therapists greatly to expand the range of bodywork applications they use on their customers. Not only will it give you a leg up (no pun intended) over the competition, but it will deeply benefit a consumer base that has largely spent their quarantine in a sedentary fashion. Either that or they may have responded in the extreme opposite and managed stress and isolation with rigorous new physical activities! Quarantine has likely affected a great deal of peoples’ bodies, be they sedentary, hyper-active, or just stressed.

There are three main reasons why assisted stretching is a vital addition to any massage therapy practice.

  1. Massage therapy deals with alleviating muscle pain due to lactic acid produced in the muscles when oxygen is in short supply. Regular stretching improves circulation to the muscles, reducing buildup of lactic acid and, therefore, pain.
  2. Assisted stretching can improve the alignment of muscles. When certain muscles in the body are shortened by injury or a sedentary lifestyle, they force other muscles to compensate for them. The compensating muscles become over-strained.
  3. Employing an assisted-stretch technique like Dynamic Body Stretching can help to alleviate pain at the source, and prevent future pain.

Dynamic Body Stretching is an assisted stretch technique created by former figure fitness competitor and entrepreneur Loretta McGrath.

What makes Dynamic Body Stretching unique among other assisted stretch techniques is the range of motion software component. Data about the client’s mobility and overall health are assessed and entered into the DBS’s proprietary software which it then generates detailed reports on the current physical blue print of the client’s current health, it then generates an individual and personalized corrective plan for the therapist to apply to the client to help prevent injury or body pain. Gathering this data allows for the most accurate, effective, and targeted approach to assisted-stretch therapy.

Another terrific benefit of Dynamic Body Stretching for massage therapists: DBS’s website offers online, fully remote training and certification courses. As a massage therapist in a post-Covid world, you know that your clients put their trust in you when they allow you to use your hands on them and come into close contact with them. Online professional development is not only convenient, relatively inexpensive, and accessible all over the world. It also eliminates any anxiety about your clients’ health and safety. On top of this, DBS’s online certification programs are accredited by NCBTMB, NASM, and AFAA offering 16-24 credits.

It is real practical training you can use to enhance and recover your massage therapy practice after COVID.

Click here to learn more about getting a Dynamic Body Stretching certification for your massage practice today!

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